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Hot Spots for Gluten Cross Contact (PART 1)

The current guidelines for gluten cross contact in the kitchen, be it domestic or on a larger scale in industry are based on fundamental principles of chemistry and microbiology (ie cross contamination). There is some research available in this area, however, although thinly available, is rapidly un…

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Gluten Cross Contamination vs Gluten Cross Contact

There is a lot of commentary with regard to cross contamination and what the right practices are to avoid having unwanted gluten sneak into gluten free foods.  Before I provide a brief overview on what the current guidelines are I need to establish one thing on the correct terminology. 

Cross …

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Why Gluten Free?

Recently the gluten free diet has been given the limelight through celebrity endorsement and as a result it has a following with the impression the diet is a healthy alternative lifestyle with the promises of enhanced athletic performance and sustainable weight loss.  This is only true if one is med…

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